Easy Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy

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How to keep your epidermis in top condition well into your 40s and beyond? Follow these buauty tips to keep your skin soft and glowing regardless of your age.

Use Vaseline on Your Skin

Skin Product At first, I thought it would make my skin oily and prone to blemishes, but it doesn’t. I’ve been using it under my eyes for a long time, although I haven’t used it everywhere. I decided to try it so I could say with absolute certainty that it works. My skin is very sensitive, so I’m always on the lookout for something that can do that. Put some (pea-sized) on the back of your hand and then spread it out evenly. Go under your eyes because this area is even drier. Just be careful not to use too much.

Rub it in as much as you can and make sure it’s the last skincare you use before you go to bed. Do it every night to get the best results. It is something that enriches your skin as you use it. Put a little Vaseline on your lashes before applying mascara. It helps to add curls to the lashes. Applying a little highlighter or illuminator to the darker areas is a nice touch. Please don’t use too much; you can inspect the best ones and make them look a little weird, so less is more here.

Drink a Lot of Water


The highlighter I use is Maybelline’s Striking Liquid. I love it. It’s meant to be used on many other more apparent surfaces, but it has a perfect effect when used directly under the eye area. Put a reasonably modest amount under your eye and press until it is absorbed into the skin. Don’t rub. Just keep going. Use small circular motions when applying a small amount of force. Examine your entire face until every area of skin is covered. Continue with the neck as well. We often forget about the neck when it comes to exfoliation.

I use this method more often than others. Just examine each area later. This technique can leave your skin super soft and clean. This is a great way to keep your skin plump and glowing. You don’t have to go drinking two liters of water a day if you don’t particularly like tap water. If you can manage five medium-sized glasses each day, you will notice a noticeable difference in your skin’s appearance.